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Caribbean Cruiser

“Bringing Island Flavors To The Frozen Tundra”

Island foods are known for the love of flavors and the unique use of ingredients, we at Caribbean Cruiser follow this philosophy with all our food we prepare.

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Dough Shoppe

Locally owned and operated we are Wisconsin’s first edible cookie dough shoppe. Making gourmet edible cookie dough that’s safe to eat and delicious, all while being the good in our community. We have three mobile units available for public, corporate, weddings, and private events, plus we can cater just about any event. #bethegood

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Gourmet Corn

Yucatan Style cuisine with the signature product of Sweet Corn made gourmet !!! Unique and Delicious!!!

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Ice Clouds

Shaved ice is an unfamiliar dessert to the Green Bay area! The texture of shaved ice is very soft and fluffy, this is not a snow cone! We strive to mimic the texture of shaved ice you get in Hawaii! With just about any flavor you can think of and our newest addition Taiwanese sno ice, you are sure to love our cool refreshing treats!

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Mai’s Egg Rolls

Hmong eggroll business that caters to events all over Wisconsin. Our menu is based on traditional Hmong foods such as eggrolls, fried rice, fried noodles, stuffed chicken wings, and etc.

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Maldonado’s Food Truck/restaurant has been around for 15+ years serving in Green Bay. We pride ourselves in serving fast, Authentic Mexican food. Known for our tacos but lately burritos have been on the rise! Give us a shot and let us know what you think.

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Monkey Tailz

We offer 8 Flavors of Real Wisconsin Made Ice Cream from the Chocolate Shoppe in Madison, WI. We also have Root Beer Floats and Monkey Tails (Frozen Bananas Dipped in Chocolate) We do private catering for any and all events. Please follow us on Facebook to see where we will be operating.

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Philly’s & York

We strive to have the best ingredients and top quality meats with our fresh baked bread. We have a uniqueness to us, and you must try a Philly cheesesteak if you’re in town!

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Rusty’s Smokin’ Hot BBQ 

BBQ Food Truck

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Taste of Ethiopia

Taste of Ethiopia is a non-profit food truck that serves American-Ethiopian Fusion Food at street events, music festivals, and other venues throughout the state. We are available for private, corporate and community events. All proceeds from our food truck go directly to Pay It Forward Ethiopia.

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Weasel’s Mini Donuts & More

At Weasel’s Mini Donuts & More we strive to make every customer happy with our wonderful food & spirits. We do a variety of foods from our awesome mini donuts to smoked meats and more.

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4 Schmidts and Giggles BBQ

We are a family who has a passion to BBQ and we have taken that from our backyard to a family owned business. Every day our goal is to just see smiles on peoples faces knowing that they are happy with the product they are eating.

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